Enjoy this "BONUS" teaching on Dr. Vetere's Introduction to Wellness.  This 14-minute lesson will shift your thoughts on health, wellness and sickness prevention.

     We live in a world where the healthcare system has been long since dominated by a medical model of disease management and symptom control.  Finding and removing the cause of a health condition is not mainstream.

     In this brief lesson by Dr. Vetere you will learn what really controls the function of the body, how it can be affected to become sick and what need to be done to restore wellness

A 14-Minute Video that will change the way you think about healthcare FOREVER!

About Dr. Vetere

     Welcome to the School of Wellness where we believe that God is still in the "Healing Business"

     On the right is a short video highlighting the purpose and mission of the School of Wellness, in particular the Genesis Life Health Coach program.  Every program we produce and event we host will  focus on various aspects of natural health and healing.  What separates us from the rest of the wellness, weight loss and natural health coaching programs, is that our material will always come from a Biblical perspective.

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Dr. Joseph Vetere was born, raised and still lives in the New York City area.  In 1986, he graduated from New York Chiropractic College and has been in private practice in the Bronx for the past 30 years. (READ MORE)

Our Philosophy is based on the PREVENTION of sickness rather than the treatment of disease.  We believe that people have a choice in how to take cake of their health. You can practice "Wellness" or you can ignore the research, statistics and early warning signs.  (LEARN MORE)